Session 1 : The Quest from the Golden Dragon


As Dusk looms you find yourself on the outskirts of Headale, a small mountain town, known if at all for cheese and wool. A curious place for a dragon to send you. You still remember the slight nerves as you were lead into the palace grounds, “Your  presence at the palace is requested said the messenger and the armored and armed escort made it hard to refuse, fucking knights. Still it was another surprise when you were lead not into the palace but to a grounds hut..

Inside you see a series of bird cages hanging from the ceiling and placed around the room. Some are opened and their occupants are posted around the room. In a large plush chair in front of the fireplace sits a man. With lush golden hair hanging to his shoulders, and golden eyes. His clothes are simple if of sturdy material and deep scars run from his neck down into his clothing and he holds his arm as if it causes him pain:

You may leave us says a voice so deep it seems to vibrate throughout the room, as your escort leaves  he invites you to enter and sit though you would have to move a cage or two and some books that are scattered all throughout the hut.

I am Keruxabradaxu ambassador to the king and I am in need of your services.

-wants them to find his friend Ludwig Mendal, he was headed to the mountain town of Headale and has been gone for a month now.

-Ludwig is a hafling and you can know him by a scar on his hand, goes from thumb to elbow. He finds items for Keruxa as he is a collector

-offers 100gps each and for them to borrow one of his figures till the die and then must return them. (figures of wondrous power: Elephant, Dog, Raven Lion)

When he moves to a chest he walks with a limp.

The journey was smooth and planned for you, Horses and supplies where provided and the days journey (9 at speed) was uneventful.

Now you stand outside the gates of Headale, a small town resting at the base of the Skycrest Mountains, situated in the Green Glen. Its building have high roofs to deflect the winter snows, and stand 2 stories tall amongst the larger ones. Sir Eidan Kreft “The Young Knight” rules this village. (Won renown at the battle of Dracken Wood and the siege of Grenzen)

As you enter the town, a group of villagers approach you. It would appear a casual grouping except for the axes grasped in their hands.

The wiry man with an air of authority addresses you: He has light brown hair a hooked nose, and clothes that appear newly mended (Perception Check DC 10: everyone appears to have clothes that are newly mended

Greetings Friends, you are welcome in our town but must be beyond the walls come sun down, I apologize but it is a town rule and we make no exceptions. You can get some food at the Goats Nook if you are hungry or the Wool Blanket and Buy supplies from Hendals Reserves. Remember to be beyond our walls by nightfall, good day. (Nightfall is 3-4 hrs away)

The group departs.

The Situation: Every Night for the last month the townsfolk go crazy and tear each other apart and then wake up in their beds with nightmares but no true recollection of the night before. Anyone who dies in the town during the night wakes up in a bed. A strange crystal rests under the old tower ruins and was found by Ludwig. He is trapped in the tunnel were he dies each night and wakes up starving to die again.

What the party can learn:

-He stayed at the Goats Nook

-Was asking about the old tower, village legends, local area

-the old tower is about 4-5 hours into the mountains, it has a steel bull protecting it, gots green gas coming out of it.

-Heard Ludwig mention the Fabled star

Keeping them in the Town:

-man asks if party has a wizard something to show them and tries and traps them in a basement, pleads with them not to leave.

-tea with an old women

-drinking in the tavern.

If the party doesn’t leave before nightfall, skill challenge to get out. 6 successes to 3 failures. Describe the mayham as people rip into each other. Following out of doors, children stabbing people and being killed in turn. (Church scene)

At the gate is a knight protecting it from anyone getting out and a few commoners.

Skills Challenge:

deception/arcanaDistracting the commoners (Light Cantrip)
AthleticsBreak through doors
SurvivalCut through an alley
Animal HandlingRide or calm horses
stealthSneak past a group

While moving through town can be attacked by commoners on failures (roll a d6)

The next morning if the party re-enters the town the get told the situation by Sir Eidan Kreft

Traveling to the old Tower:

Notice a crag cat on the rocks. Oopportunity for scott to get a wild shape or a battle between a crag cat and the party.

The old Tower:

Hear the sound of metal screeching together as they approach. A crumbling wall surrounds a ruined tower. A Gorgon patrols inside the wall creating the screeching sound as its rusted plates rub together. A sinkhole rests in a far corner.  

Inside the tower is a kitchen area that has a collapsed roof inside it and broken vials. There are stairs going up one wall to a partially collapsed second floor. The stairs lead to a bedchamber with parts of the floor missing DC 10 dexterity check to move around (fail by five and you fall 10 ft) the only things of interest are an apprentice wizards spellbook (burning hands, disguise self, shield) (other spells not finished or damaged).

The journal as a few entries that are still legible:

-I don’t know if the master was aware but i have found a chamber under the tower. I will have to investigate further,

-it is horrid, I wish the master was here to tell me what to do, I dare not tamper with the wards and their is no one I can trust with this knowledge, I must bury it.

-It haunts my dreams the knowledge of the evil beneath my feet. What can I do master? I am so alone.

-I cannot let it out, i must keep it sealed.

-Calling in every favour my master has paid off, a guardian for this place, the last i can do. This burden is to much, I cannot carry it without master. I go to him now. DO NOT LET IT OUT

Under the Tower:

Beneath the tower in a chamber rests a crystal shard projecting a sickly green color and a void rests in its center. It floats above a large circle pedestal. A helmed horror protects the chamber.  Touching the crystal fills the character with nameless dread.

Stuck under some boulders in a partial collapse is Ludwig, he starves to death each night and returns each morning: He is raving about the evil of the shard not to touch it, begs them to kill him. Not the Fabled star, I was so wrong, I broke the wards, collapsed them.

Has a backpack with a remove curse scroll and greater restoration scroll (DV 10 + spell level to cast if unable to cast spells or not on spell list or above level)

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