Session 2: What’s Happening in Headale?

The Situation: The party has successfully escaped from Headale after witnessing the townsfolk going feral and tearing each other apart when the sun went down. They were in the town looking for Ludwig Mendal, a relic hunter for the dragon Keruxabradaxu, ambassador to the king.


-Tonnis Willet, a skinny fellow with blonde hair, hooked nose, blue eyes. Lead the party into Headale and made them unable to leave before the sun went down.

He did this as he wanted the wizard to get stuck in the town with them so then she could figure out what is going on.

-Agnes Meyer was killed by the party.

Party Options:

  1. Take a long rest: wake up next morning. Enter town.
  2. Try and grab a townsfolk: need to go back into the Town (fight), townsfolk disappears 20ft outside of the town.
  3. Observe the Town: describe the sounds of violence and then it going silent besides the odd scream then nothing. If they enter the town, building damage is apparent but no blood or corpses.

The next morning:

When party re-enters Headale they notice people going about their morning routines, repairing damage to homes and stores. There is no blood anywhere and some of the townsfolk look apologetic

-Agnes is alive and offers them breakfast. Glad they are alive but will let the lord explain things, he will probably want to talk with them. After you eat you should go talk to him.

Eidan Kreft

(A sturdy built warrior with deep black hair and a lopsided grin wearing nice clothes but not too nice.) (A self assured man, carries himself like he can handle any situation. Does his best to remain calm)

– You made it out then.
-tells party that a few weeks ago people started having bad dreams, waking up in their beds with no recollection  of how they got there. It was just a few at first, then it spread. People started noticing damage to the town with no one being aware of how it happened. Most people ignore it, but I had to implement measures to protect the town. No fires, no outsiders after dark. People who die here during the night wake up in a bed like everyone else (happened to cousins visiting and outlying farmers)

– We cannot leave for help.

-Ludwig was asking about the surrounding area and seemed particularly interested in the old tower ruins. (been abandoned for the last century.) (tower is 8 miles away (3hrs fast, 3 ½ hrs normal, 4hrs slow))

-asking about the tower reveals a metallic bull protects the area.

Traveling to the ruined Tower:

Traveling down a mountain path that is used for trade with Lynwitch. Rocky terrain with grass and moss. Boulders and rocks jut out but it basically follows an old ravine.

-on route notice a crag cat laying on one of these rocks. (40ft away)

  1. Chioh will most likely try to befriend it (DC-13 animal handling, 10 minute interaction) or (1 hour observation, DC 11 nature check)
  2. Party could fight it, run combat normally but the creature runs away when it has half HP.

The Ruined Tower:

Built off of the mountain pass.  A crumbling wall surrounds a courtyard with a dilapidated tower in its center. What was once a 3 story tower has been reduced to 2 with the top layer collapsing inward. A metal scraping sound can be heard coming from the tower grounds.

A sinkhole has appeared in one corner of the courtyard.

-A Gorgon patrols the tower grounds, it is rusted from age and squeaks when it moves. Green gas emits from its mouth and nostrils.

-The tower has two levels,

  1. Ground floor: looks like it may have been a kitchen area but the topmost layer of the tower has collapsed onto it, boards and glass vials are strewn about. (DC 13 investigation to find enough supplies to make an alchemist’s kit)
  2. Second Floor: is mainly support beams and a few portions of floor. A bed rests half off of the floor and a desk is on a portion of the floor. (Inside the desk is a journal.)
  3. A skeleton hangs from the second floor ceiling. Tattered robes hang on the bones and a chain is wrapped on his neck. (spellbook is in the robes pocket)

Spellbook: Burning Hands, Disguise Self, Feather Fall,
Unfinished spell: Mirror Image (DC 12 Arcana check to figure out what it is and a short rest to finish the spell)

Journal: Has a few entries that can be made out.
-I don’t know if the master was aware but i have found a chamber under the tower. I will have to investigate further,

-it is horrid, I wish the master was here to tell me what to do, I dare not tamper with the wards and their is no one I can trust with this knowledge, I must bury it.

-It haunts my dreams the knowledge of what rests beneath my feet. What can I do master? I am so alone.

-I cannot let it out, i must keep it sealed.

-Calling in every favour owed to my master has paid off, a guardian for this place, the last I can do. This burden is to much, I cannot carry it without master. I go to him now. DO NOT LET IT OUT

In the sinkhole:

Extends down about 80ft. Into what appears to be a corridor of worked stone that has started to collapse. The hallway extends 15ft ahead of you.

-Ludwig Mendal is trapped in the hallway from a partial cave in. His legs have been crushed, he starved to death and now wakes up every morning still starving to death. His has gone half mad, rambling about a shard, the knight, don’t touch it.  It’s not the star. It’s not the star.
-party can see a faint green light in the distance (pulsing)
-In Mendals pack: a scroll of greater restoration, a scroll of remove curse, potion of healing, 20gps, rope, grappling hook, and  The rod of the Rune Breaker.

The Chamber of the Shard:

A circular doorway leads into the chamber and a series of glyphs are carved along its exterior. Columns are spaced out with in the chamber and have sheets of metal placed on them. Floating above a raised pedestal is a crystal shard emiting a neon-greenish light from its edges but at its core is a crimson drop that pulses and swirls. Inscribed on the base of the pedestal  are glyphs like around the door. Shard has an invisible barrier around it, touching it alerts the Helmed horror who forms together.

-when the party enters the chamber, the metal sheets rip off of the columns and form a Helmed Horror. (it has a flame-tongued longsword)

-Roll initiative

-party cannot get to the shard,

-return to the town and then Keruxabradaxu


  1. Spoke to Evert, he told them about the gorgons petrifying breath
  2. Tonnis was punched in the face by Mongo
  3. Chioh did not befriend the crag cat, still lurking around
  4. Asteri and Mongo were petrified by the gorgon
  5. Thinking of going back to Keruxabradaxu to help, know that Rinwald Drossen has a scroll of greater restoration (can get it on credit)
  6. Have the party make some rolls to see what they know about petrification (herbs, Possible a hag that can cure it)

What I should have done:

  • Knowing they could be petrified, I should have seeded the existence of A hag that could cure them from Evert. I already had them looking into Ludwig.
  • Change the shard to a figurine

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