Session 3: Stone to Flesh

The Situation:

Two of the party members have been petrified by the Gorgon, while searching for Ludwig. The other two fled back and out of town. They stopped and retrieved Sir Eidans letter to Keruxabradaxu and spoke to Rinwald Drossen about healing petrification. He has a scroll of greater restoration for sale (550gps but can be taken on credit). The party also knows petrification is not lethal and stonethrush is a rare plant that can cure petrification.

Finding Stonethrush:  

Party can immediately set of to find stonethrush, can go around the town but fastest way is through the town. To find requires 3 successful nature checks (DC 12, DC 15, DC 18) first success identifies a ridge/peak, second helps narrow down the area, third finds the plant. 2 failures means they don’t find it that day.

While searching may encounter tribal warriors x 7, Cragcats x2, an Ogre Chain Brute, a winterwolf.

When it is found attacked by one of the above creatures.

Stonethrush is found on eldermans peak near Black Peggy’s Cave

Stonethrush: a greyish larkspur that has a thin coating of stone dust on it. Beneath the dust is a blueish grey leaf.  

-needs to be boiled with salt, crushed and then ground together with honey and a few other medicinal items.  

In Headale:

Party can hear about Black peggy in 3 different ways

  1. Tonnis can tell them about a couple that got baby saved by going to Elderman Peak (the child is a hag child. (couple is Nerth and Tressa Polmear, child is named Glanna)
  2. Evert can tell them the legend of Black Peggy
    “Ran into a spot of trouble did ya? I got one more tale that might be of interest to you now. If your desperate enough or stupid enough, Black Peggy can make your ails go away. For a price and Black peggy drives a cruel bargain with you never agreeing to quite what you expected”
  3. Irma Hansen the local wise women, can be sent their by Rinwald, can tell them about a cave she saw on eldermans peak and that rare herbs grow there but that cave was evil.

Black Peggy lair:

A jagged cave mouth opens into the side of elderman peak. Inside the tunnel, small stones, bones (some fresh with blood still on them others bleach white) of small creatures.

The tunnel enters into a small cave, that has strings of herbs and plants hanging from the ceiling, rickety shelves that hold oddities (an eyeball that looks north, a bag that yells profanities, a cragcat kitten skull (Cats Vision) curved with runes). There is a chicken coup on one side that has cockatrice’s in it. Dolls of twisted humanoids are set on a bed (they hold the souls of people who made deals with black peggy). Insects skitter along the ground, centipedes, spiders (form a swarm if black peggy is attacked)

• Shadows seem abnormally gaunt and sometimes move on their own as though alive.

• Creatures are transported to a harmless but eerie demiplane filled with shadowy forms, waxy corpses, and cackling. The creatures are trapped there for a minute or two, and then returned to the place where they vanished from.

Black Peggy: has bluish skin that is wrinkled and saggy, two horns curl out of her temples and she has serrated teeth. Clawed hands and tattered robes adorned with the bones of small creatures and a necklace of red beads (a necklace of Fireballs). Her black hair has fungus and bones woven into it.

The Bargain:

“Come to bother Black peggy again have you, watcha want, only bother peggy when you want somethin”

Black Peggy is happy to bargain with the party to end petrification on their friends. Will not stand for insults and offers one warning before causing some damage. Likes to hint about other deals she has made and the souls she has collected. Threatens to turn party members into dolls, add them to her collection.

She makes 4 offers:

  1. One of the party must give her half-the light of the world ( she takes an eye)
  2. Give her a breath from their lungs (they auto fail their next saving throw when they have 2 failures)
  3. Burn a candle in the Cathedral of Orrinwold and don’t mind the screaming (raise the dead in the crypts and Andras’s father as a death knight)
  4. Place 5 coins into the mouths of the next humans they kill (coins are coppers with strange symbols on them) (a toll for the ferrymen)

Curing Petrification:

Party will likely go to cure Asteri with stonethrush, Hags Deal, or scroll of greater restoration (DC 15 intelligence check)

Back to the Ruined Tower:

Built off of the mountain pass.  A crumbling wall surrounds a courtyard with a dilapidated tower in its center. What was once a 3 story tower has been reduced to 2 with the top layer collapsing inward. A metal scraping sound can be heard coming from the tower grounds.

A sinkhole has appeared in one corner of the courtyard.

-A Gorgon patrols the tower grounds, it is rusted from age and squeaks when it moves. Green gas emits from its mouth and nostrils.

-The tower has two levels,

  1. Ground floor: looks like it may have been a kitchen area but the topmost layer of the tower has collapsed onto it, boards and glass vials are strewn about. (DC 13 investigation to find enough supplies to make an alchemist’s kit)
  2. Second Floor: is mainly support beams and a few portions of floor. A bed rests half off of the floor and a desk is on a portion of the floor. (Inside the desk is a journal.)
  3. A skeleton hangs from the second floor ceiling. Tattered robes hang on the bones and a chain is wrapped on his neck. (spellbook is in the robes pocket)

Spellbook: Burning Hands, Disguise Self, Feather Fall,
Unfinished spell: Mirror Image (DC 12 Arcana check to figure out what it is and a short rest to finish the spell)

Journal: Has a few entries that can be made out.
-I don’t know if the master was aware but i have found a chamber under the tower. I will have to investigate further,

-it is horrid, I wish the master was here to tell me what to do, I dare not tamper with the wards and their is no one I can trust with this knowledge, I must bury it.

-It haunts my dreams the knowledge of what rests beneath my feet. What can I do master? I am so alone.

-I cannot let it out, i must keep it sealed.

-Calling in every favour owed to my master has paid off, a guardian for this place, the last I can do. This burden is to much, I cannot carry it without master. I go to him now. DO NOT LET IT OUT

In the sinkhole:

Extends down about 30ft. Into what appears to be a corridor of worked stone that has started to collapse. The hallway extends 15ft ahead of you.

-Ludwig Mendal is trapped in the hallway from a partial cave in. His legs have been crushed, he starved to death and now wakes up every morning still starving to death. His has gone half mad, rambling about a shard, the knight, don’t touch it.  It’s not the star. It’s not the star. (has 5 levels of exhaustion)
-party can see a faint green light in the distance (pulsing)
-In Mendals pack: a scroll of greater restoration, a scroll of remove curse, potion of healing, 20gps, rope, grappling hook, and  The rod of the Rune Breaker.

The Chamber of the Figurine:

A circular doorway leads into the chamber and a series of glyphs are carved along its exterior. Columns are spaced out with in the chamber and have sheets of metal placed on them. Floating above a raised pedestal is an obsidian Figurine of a howling women. a neon-greenish light from its edges but at its core is a crimson drop that pulses and swirls. Inscribed on the base of the pedestal  are glyphs like around the door. The figurine has an invisible barrier around it, touching it alerts the Helmed horror who forms together.

-when the party enters the chamber, the metal sheets rip off of the columns and form a Helmed Horror. (it has a flame-tongued longsword)

-Roll initiative

-party cannot get to the shard,

-return to the town and then Keruxabradaxu


Talked to sander and hild, couple who made deal with hag, meeting with hag was sufficently creepy. They turned down all the deals and figured out the eye one. Fought the gorgon again and Caire was introduced to the party (sent by kuruxa to look in on party, is lawful good). Chioh was able to get crag cat form and noticed mongo was damaged in his statue form..

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